About Us

Berkley Outdoors was formed as a way to offer guests a one-stop option for IMG_2302some of the most unique experiences the Outer Banks has to offer.

Our mission is to provide each and every guest with a truly once in a lifetime experience. In doing this we have several promises that we adhere to:

  1. Bigger is not better – We are a boutique outfitter because we choose to be. This is a family run business that specializes in providing unique, detailed, and first class experiences to every guest. When you depart after a trip with us we expect to have made a relationship for life. The hunting or fishing may not always be great, because well, we can’t always control that, but we promise the service always will be.
  2. Trust and honesty are a must – The outfitting world is full of less than honest and upfront operations. We believe that these elements are absolutely paramount to the success of our business. As you read through our information you will see honest depictions of what to expect during your time on Ocracoke. As Momma always said, treat other people the way you want to be treated, and all will work out.
  3. Tradition and Experience are what its all about – Northeastern NC, and specifically the Pamlico Sound/Outer Banks region is steeped in waterfowling and sportfishing traditions. From the market gunning and decoy carving heritage, to the pioneers of the offshore fishing industry, this region is know for its outdoor edge. On our hunts we incorporate new age tactics, while still harking back to gunning traditions of days gone by.
  4. Y’all are in the South, and it’s going to feel like it! Southern hospitality at its finest is our motto. From the food we serve, to the people who are a part of our team, this will be a Southern lodge experience like none other.

No matter your level of experience, a fishing or hunting trip on Ocracoke Island with Berkley Outdoors will be one you remember for a lifetime.

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