Duck Hunting

If you are looking for a North Carolina duck hunting guide service, look no further. Berkley Outdoors is IMG_1637-previewproud to offer one of the most unique duck hunting experience available in the USA. We offer all-inclusive duck hunting packages based out of Ocracoke, NC.

We employ a wide array of duck hunting methods in order to provide quality hunts for our guests. Our primary hunt method is the curtain blind or “sink box” as the old timers call it. Under normal conditions this is a very effective hunt method due to its low profile, but sometimes conditions dictate other hunt methods. The list below explains the various styles you could experience while hunting with us.  All hunts are based out of the Berkley Manor on the Outer Bank’s Ocracoke Island.

IMG_4853Duck Hunting on the Pamlico Sound behind the banks is different than many types of hunting you will experience. Hundreds of thousands of waterfowl winter on the Pamlico sound, with the reefs behind Ocracoke and Hatteras serving as home to a vast majority of the pintails and redheads that travel to NC. In our opinion there is absolutely nothing that can compare to daylight in a curtain blind with groups of 100-500 redheads and pintails decoying at 10-15 yards. That’s why I love these hunts- wild birds, wild environment, just as it was 100 years ago. If you are looking for hunting styles and experiences you can find nowhere else in the world, this is the definitely the place for you! Our hunts are not for the faint of heart. While we have some of the finest blinds, boats, and equipment on the market, the Pamlico sound can be a cold, windy, and wet destination when its “ducky”.

Hunt Styles – NC Guided Duck Hunts

We utilize a number of different hunt styles depending on conditions and bird movements. The primary duck hunt method is the curtain blind hunt, but sometimes conditions dictate using other methods.

Curtain Blind or “Sinkbox” Duck Hunts:

Curtain blind hunts are the hunts that hark back to our market gunning roots. The now

Redheads & Pintails from a successful Outer Banks curtain blind hunt

outlawed sinkbox was the most deadly open water NC duck hunting device ever invented. Although it has been outlawed, the local guides developed a new approach to hunting this area that is very similar called a curtain blind. The best way to describe it is a pit blind in the middle of the sound with a canvas curtain that you can raise and lower as the tide changes to keep the water out. It is absolutely deadly for the ducks and is one of the most exciting and unique styles of waterfowling in the world. We place upwards to 200 decoys around each of our curtain blinds to mimic a big raft of ducks resting/feeding out on the open water. You may visit our FAQ page for a more detailed description and photos of a curtain blind.l

Stake Blind Duck Hunting

Long a staple of gunning behind the Outer Banks, the stake blind is a box blind set on pilings in shallow water behind Ocracoke Island. They provide more comfort than the curtain blind during foul weather conditions and can be a great option for divers and puddle ducks alike.

Layout Boat Duck Hunting

The layout boat has always been a great option for hunting the diving ducks and sea

Layout Boat Hunting

ducks in deeper water areas. We are proud to offer hunts out of our USCG certified MLB 2-man layout boat. One of the finest and lowest profile boats ever built.

Scissor blind hunting

This is where you hunt from an anchored boat with a blind built from pines or cedar surrounding you. It is a great method when the birds are on the move and we have to be flexible to locate them.

Duck Hunt Rates

Full Lodging & Meal Package (see details below): $600.00 per person per day – Only available for multi-day bookings

Hunt Only: $400.00

Duck Hunt Packages:

What is included in your guided NC duck hunt package: Now booking 2022/23 duck hunts!

  • Duck hunt on the Pamlico Sound – We depart Ocracoke harbor for these hunts approximately 1.5 hours before sunrise and normally hunt until mid-day, or when you attain your limit. Occasionally we will hunt the afternoons if weather conditions dictate that, but normally we are done with the hunt by lunch. We provide transportation to and from the blind and all decoys and setup. You will be responsible for bringing proper clothing, waders, ammunition, and your gun.
  • Lodging – Lodging the night prior to your hunt is included in each hunt package. See our Lodge page for more information on where you will be staying during your trip. You will absolutely LOVE staying at the historic Berkley Manor. It is a beautiful 7500 square foot lodge with cypress walls and ceilings and hardwood floors. Complimented with 5 fireplaces, a dining room that seats 30, and a comfortable lounge room, you will not want to miss this experience. Non-hunting guests are welcome to accompany for an additional fee.
  • Meals – All meals are included with your hunt package. When you visit our Lodge page you will find more information on menus and meals during your hunt. You will not leave hungry!
  • Hunt dates: December 18, 2021 – January 31, 2022.
  • Group Sizes: We can take a maximum of 12 duck hunt guests per day. If your group books 8 or more guests you get the entire lodge to yourself! Minimum of two people per group.

Target Waterfowl Species:

During your guided NC duck hunt with Berkley Outdoors you never know what species of waterfowl you may harvest. As a general rule, the shoals behind the Outer Banks, and specifically Ocracoke, are known for their vast numbers of pintails, redheads, and brant. But you really never know, as we see a diverse range of ducks, from puddlers to diving ducks. A complete list includes:

  • Pintail
  • Redhead
  • Bluebill (blackhead, scaup)
  • Brant
  • Bufflehead
  • Widgeon
  • Teal
  • Blackduck
  • Gadwall
  • Mallard

About Your Guides

Because we travel by boat to all of our blinds, each guide is a USCG certified captain and our boats are outfitted with all of the latest safety equipment. Because we are a small operation, you will deal with one of two people at all times when hunting with Berkley Outdoors. Proprietors Captain Rob Orr and Captain Ernest Dosier have a combined 50 years of experience piloting duck hunters and fishing charters on the waters surrounding Ocracoke Island. We are dedicated to providing safe and memorable experiences to each guest.

Example Trip Itinerary

Below is a sample duck hunt trip itinerary for a two day hunt:

  • Day 1: Arrive at the Berkley Manor by 7pm for a full dinner. Meet your guide, discuss the next days hunt, and relax by the fire.
  • Day 2: Hunt day #1. Meet your guide 1.5 hours before sunrise and enjoy coffee, tea, breakfast rolls, and other scrumptious delights. You will gather your gear and head 100 yards to the Berkley docks where you will depart by boat to your blind for the day. Your guide will take you to the blind, set the decoy spread, and instruct you on proper operation of the curtain blind. After you are settled into the blind he will depart and leave you to the duck hunt. The guide will remain nearby in the boat in the event you need assistance during your hunt. After you attain your limit or when you are ready to head in for breakfast, simply call your guide on the VHF radio you are provided and he will pick you up.
  • Between 9am-1pm you will return to the Berkley Manor for a full southern brunch buffet. Great food, a hearty nap, and drinks in the crows nest fill out the evening.
  • The day will end with oysters and shrimp in the barn, and then a full dinner in the Manor dining room.
  • Day 3: This day will begin just as the day prior, with the same duck hunt schedule.
  • After returning from you hunt you will enjoy the same great southern buffet, before preparing to depart on the afternoon ferry.

***Payment Policy: A 50% deposit is due at the time of booking. Payments may be made via check. All deposits are non-refundable. If you cannot make your hunt, and you alert us at least 14 days prior to your duck hunt date, you will have the chance to reschedule for a later date. Final payment is due at the time of check-in, and only cash or check are accepted.


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