We Survived!

Just a quick update.

Hurricane Dorian was not kind to the Outer Banks of NC, but like they did for generations before us, we will pick up the pieces and move forward here in this beautiful place we call home.

Our lodge the Berkley Manor received approximately 24 inches of flooding during the storm. We have striped everything out, and began last week putting things back together. Our target date to reopen the lodge is November 10, 2019.

As for the Duck blinds, every single blind from Cedar Island to Hatteras is gone. No, I don’t just mean my blinds, I mean EVERY blind! Normally there are at least a couple still around! Anyway, we are hard at work getting new ones back out, and will have them in place long before the season begins.

We still have some dates available for this season, and would love to have you down to hunt with us.

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